Glass Canapé Trays

These innovate designs are perfect for contemporary food presentation.

Our fused glass designs are inspired by natural textures, ice, water and rock formations. They can be created in a variety of colours and designs to add that extra touch of drama whilst our clear glass platters are designed with soft shapes and curves with options for dipping bowls and canapé placement.

glass canape tray collection

Perspex Canapé Trays

Perspex is a material that can be cut to a variety of shapes and sizes.  The colours are vibrant and can even glow under lighting. 

The trays designed give the ability to hold flat canapés as well as dip pots and cone canapés.  We have chosen just a few of the colours that are available, but we can offer a range of colours to suit most needs

perspex canape trays

Stainless Steel Canapé Trays

These trays give the modern, sleek touch to your canapés with two options available, brushed stainless steel or coloured steel.

Both provide an effect that gives smooth curved, elegant edges, with the ability to hold different styles of food.

stainless steel canape trays

Lacquered Bamboo Canapé Trays

This range is bamboo Lacquer ware and has some stunning colours straight from the Far East.

These trays are made from a bamboo pulp which is then heated and moulded into shape .This is then painted before finishing with a rich clear lacquer to give it a stunning high gloss finish.

bamboo canape trays

Wooden Canapé Trays

Most of these products are recycled natural Teak Wood roots from Bali. They have been hand -crafted into beautiful unique pieces.

Each item is different with beautiful smooth lines and rustic edges. These would give a natural feel to any buffet or function

wooden canape trays
perspex canape trays stainless steel canape trays wooden canape trays